It started in the bloodiest prison in America

“Corrections officials faced with rising populations and shrinking budgets have increasingly welcomed “faith-based” providers offering services at no cost to help meet the needs of inmates. Drawing from three years of on-site research, this book utilizes survey analysis along with life-history interviews of inmates and staff to explore the history, purpose, and functioning of the… More It started in the bloodiest prison in America

Just the beginning

Privately funded through The Heart of Texas Foundation, the Southwestern Seminary at Darrington is now poised for its third graduation on May 8, 2017. Sixty-Six men graduated in the first two graduations (33 in 2015 and 33 in 2016) and are now serving as Field Ministers in 13 of the 95 men’s prisons throughout the state… More Just the beginning

The Cain era at Angola

“Formerly known as America’s bloodiest prison, the 18,000 acres that comprise Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary are now home to 5,000 inmates, a full range of seasonal crops, a 9-hole golf course, yearly rodeos, a Bible seminary, a museum, and much more. All of this came into being at the behest of Warden Burl Cain, who… More The Cain era at Angola