Our Team

Burl Cain, CCE

CEO and Founder

Burl Cain served as the Warden of Louisiana State Penitentiary, Louisiana’s largest maximum-security prison for over 20 years. Once known as the “Bloodiest Prison in America,” Louisiana State Penitentiary or Angola as it is commonly called, became one of the safest, most secure, and progressive maximum security prisons in the nation. There, Cain founded and facilitated the Accredited Hospice Program, Bible College in conjunction with the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and also raised private funds to build seven chapels for inmate use on the prison grounds.

As a long serving, transformative figure in Corrections, Burl has the ability to motivate and inspire wardens and lawmakers on the subject of moral rehabilitation. His expertise and passion in the area of prison reform and moral change has steered him into aiding the spread of the gospel through Global Prison Seminaries Foundation.

Burl serves on the Religion and Faith-Based Services Committee and the Resolutions and Policy Development Committee of the American Correctional Association. He also serves on Board of Directors of Prison Fellowship Ministries, the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, and is Chairman of the Board of the Department of Corrections Credit Union.

Dr. Denny Autrey

Program Director

Denny Autrey is Dean Emeritus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s (SWBTS) Havard School of Theological Studies in Houston and Darrington extension.  He holds a MDiv (1984), a DMin (1987), and a PhD (2013) all from SWBTS.  After fourteen years of service as dean and senior professor of preaching and evangelism, Denny serves as Educational Consultant to GPSF.  He was instrumental in the implementation of the Darrington program, the partnership of the TDCJ, and SWBTS which began in March 2011.   Denny has visited the Angola prison over 10 times.  Modeled after the program at Angola Prison in Louisiana, led by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, the Darrington program just completed its fifth graduation of 34 new Field Ministers.  A total of 169 graduates have now completed the Darrington program serving as Field Ministers in 33 prison units within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Denny is available to provide vital academic administrative expertise in the start-up and implementation of the prison seminary model (PSM).  His knowledge and experience from starting a program, leading and teaching makes him an invaluable resource to the GPSF team.  Denny’s desire is to be available to see the PSM model in every state.  He has personally seen how men’s lives are transformed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through theological education.

Dr. Jimmy Dukes

Academic & Program Support

Jimmy Dukes has served as a faculty member and administrator at NOBTS for 39 years.  He has served as Dean of the undergraduate program at NOBTS, Registrar, Dean of the Extension Center System, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, and Dean of the NOBTS Prison Programs. He is currently retired, but still serves as a Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek in the graduate program.

Jimmy’s role with the NOBTS Prison programs began in 1994 when then President Dr. Landrum Leavell II called him to his office to discuss a request from Warden Burl Cain from the Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) and T. W. Terrell, Director of Missions in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area. These men had asked President Leavell about the possibility of a Christian educational program at Angola to aid in rehabilitation there. The conclusion of the meeting was to send Jimmy and a faculty member of the School of Christian Training to Angola to discuss the matter with Warden Cain and his officials at Angola. The result of the meeting at the Ranch House was the proposal that NOBTS would begin an accredited undergraduate program to train long term inmates to serve as ministers in their inmate led churches at Angola. Since classes started there in 1995, hundreds of inmates have been graduated with an Associate in Christian Ministry and a B.A. in Christian Ministry and have gone on to serve as pastors, worship leaders, mentors at Angola, ministers in other roles at Angola, and Inmate Ministers in other prisons in Louisiana. Jimmy was instrumental in helping NOBTS to replicate the Angola prison seminary program in prisons in Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. A total of four men’s prisons and two women’s prisons are now being served by NOBTS.

Jimmy and other faculty members of NOBTS are available to assist Departments of Correction, denominations, and Christian Colleges and Seminaries in planning, promoting, financing, and using the programs to see God’s work of transformation in hundreds of lives of men and women.

Dr. Vance Drum

Peer Ministry Consultant

Vance was a Texas Department of Criminal Justice chaplain for 32 years (1985-2017), retiring as Director of Chaplaincy Operations.  He worked for 27 years in the 2500-man maximum security Eastham Prison (“America’s Worst Prison”—Newsweek, 10/7/86).  As Director of Chaplaincy Operations, he supervised 126 Texas chaplains in an agency responsible for ministry to 146,000 inmates and 35,000 employees.

Vance graduated (MTS) from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (MTS) in Massachusetts. His Doctor of Ministry is from Abilene Christian University in Texas.  Undergraduate degrees (BS and AA) are from Murray State University (in Kentucky), and Florida College.

Vance is past president of the American Correctional Chaplains Association (2013-2017).  He has presented numerous workshops at American Correctional Association conferences, some with Burl Cain and Dr. Kristi Miller.  Vance has also served as the pastor of his country church in Texas from 1999 to the present.

Vance is available to assist with training for directors, wardens/superintendents and chaplains in the effective deployment of prison seminary graduates.  He helped supervise Texas prison seminary program graduates, utilizing best practices and research in the field.  He is also available to assist with general chaplaincy training, emphasizing chaplains’ constitutional and moral rehabilitation responsibilities.  Vance is comfortable and competent with introducing the prison seminary model (PSM) in new states, and is conversant with the vital educational piece of the program.  His passion is to see the PSM established in every state.  He has seen the model work to transform prisons in his personal experience.