Stateville Prison Seminary Grand Opening

This August classes commenced at Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois through North Park Theological Seminary. NPTS opened its Restorative Arts Program to provide a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry beginning with a cohort of 40 students.

The Illinois prison seminary has been in the works for 15 years, but once discussions opened with NPTS things quickly fell into place. Staff at North Park worked tirelessly to tailor the program curriculum to be relevant and productive for the population at Stateville. The opening of this seminary is also largely due to the hard work and support of the Illinois Foundation For New Beginnings (ILFNB). ILFNB was founded by long time prison ministry volunteers, Tom and Wendy Horton, who have been pushing for this program in Illinois since they witnessed its effects at Angola over 15 years ago.

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40 Students Enroll in New NPTS Program at Stateville Correctional Center

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