Our First Annual Summit is Around the Corner!


On May 31st GPSF will host the first Partners in Moral Rehabilitation Summit. The goal of the summit is to bring prison seminary key players from across the country together to learn and grow from each other’s experiences. We are planning several sessions tailored to the needs of seminary staff, program directors, DOC staff, and funding groups. This conference will also be valuable to others actively supporting or working towards other rehabilitative prison programming.


It is incredibly special for us to be able to host our first summit at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary! In 1995 NOBTS took a huge chance when they worked with Burl to create the first seminary extension at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Now NOBTS facilitates 5 prison seminaries in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida, and will be soon adding a women’s prison seminary in Georgia. Things truly have come full circle!


Visit our annual conference page for more information on the 2018 summit!


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