Possible Opportunities in Honduras

Burl with the Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernández and His Wife


This month, Burl visited Honduras where he had meetings with some very high-ranking political officials including the President, Security (Corrections) Director of the country, and some powerful human rights activists. Honduras has spent the last several years reconstructing it’s prisons with security and reform in mind, but because of gang activity and lack of programming opportunity, the prisons are still not considered safe or productive.


Burl visited with hopes of offering advice to solving some of the concerns of security and rehabilitation efforts. At first Burl thought these meetings might not pertain to GPSF, but then he realized that to help incorporate rehabilitation in the prisons, one of the most important steps would be to introduce programming to help the prisoners find meaning in their lives, opportunities to develop skills, and outlets for their time and energy. The prison seminary program would be an excellent solution in this case. We believe this program would offer the progressive approach needed to both have a positive effect on security concerns and also improve conditions for the incarcerated.


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