Enormous progress and momentum in multiple states


Global Prison Seminaries Foundation has been up and running since June of 2016. In just a very short period of time, we gratefully report the current activity in the following states:

Tier I:  Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico
Tier I is defined as a prison seminary that is in good standing with all of the four key players; graduating on a yearly basis; students are lifers or have extremely long sentences; accredited, biblical, convictional, Bachelor-level curriculum and four-year degrees; AND systemically sending out Field Ministers in a joint effort with the prison system on a yearly basis and in a timely, well-planned manner with full support on the local prison level.

GPSF’s Role: to continue to touch base with key players in these states and address and on-board transition changes in these key player positions is essential. A state is strongest when it has all four key players in place and accredited, quality, convictional, biblical instruction delivered to lifers with a vision toward active Field Ministry started during their four years of classwork and moves to full-time Field Ministry access upon graduation.

Tier II:  Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Tier II is defined as a prison seminary that has started and is in good standing with all of four key players but has not yet graduated a class and due to that, has not yet sent out Field Ministers. Global Prison Seminaries’ role in this state.

GPSF’s Role:  to advise, educate, and advocate all four key players in their separate roles all toward the same Field Ministry vision. GPSF is uniquely qualified to assist those in the Corrections arena by educating them about moral rehabilitation and how to actually carry out the Field Ministry vision in Corrections — giving lifers access to the prison and to fellow inmates to do peer-to-peer ministry.

Tier III: Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon
Tier III is a prison seminary that is up and running, but needs strengthening in the areas of leadership, funding, communication, increased number of graduates, OR has no systemic vision for Field Ministers inside of the state’s prison system.

GPSF’s Role: to strengthen this states effort by offering assistance in identifying the key player or players who need support to fully execute the Field Ministry Vision that is the prison seminary movement. The yellow category status is totally dependent on having two key pieces: 1.) the Prison Seminary Model, 2.) Active Field Ministry. If the second piece is missing, the yellow status simply clarifies to us at GPSF that this is a state and prison system that needs strengthening. We believe we can offer strong assistance to a state’s prison system for how to carry out Field Ministry based on the overwhelming success in Texas, proving this is a replicable model.

Tier IV: Georgia, Mississippi
Tier IV is is a state that is showing significant interest  in beginning a prison seminary in their state and moving into real development and substantial planning stages for a prison seminary in their state WITH Field Ministry as the vision for the end goal, but has not yet held its first class.

GPSF’s Role: to stay with each of the state’s key players through each phase of development celebrating with them their first day of class. GPSF does not raise funds for the state, rather counsels and supports and encourages the identified non-profit key player in the state who will become the state’s advocate.

Tier V: (not included on this map) – Global Prison Seminaries Foundation has identified a Tier V, not included on this map, but taking place in the following states: Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas (two that are not Darrington).
Tier V is a program within a prison often referred to as a prison seminary that has started but is not using the same essential elements of the model that we would subscribe to nor requiring the four key-players. These essential elements are Lifers, Equipped with a four-year accredited bachelor degree anchored in sound Christ-centered doctrine, Transferred to other prisons upon graduation, Living in the prison, Access to the prison given to do ministry, Peer-to-peer inmate-led ministry. The four key players being leaders in the following four arenas: Executive or Legislative elected positions (Governor, Senator, Representative); Corrections; Seminary, and Non-profit catalyst or champion (the project manager).


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