North Carolina delegates visit Louisiana for GPSF consultation

Delegates from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary recently met with GPSF’s, Burl Cain, hosted by Grove and Brenna Norwood, to discuss the fundamentals of forming a prison seminary within their state. SEBTS will be the accredited school leading the seminary program at Nash Correctional in North Carolina. This meeting took place immediately after the group from North Carolina toured the seminary at Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola). SEBTS was represented by its Librarian, Prison Seminary Director, Director’s Assistant, and the Dean of the College.

This was surely a powerful group and an impactful meeting. Burl and Grove used their experience in facilitating the seminaries at Angola and Darrington Prison to give the North Carolina Delegates a layout of the initiatives necessary to build a durable foundation for the seminary program at Nash Correctional. Based on the responses of the group and their diligent efforts since the meeting, we truly believe this prison seminary will have a successful first semester when it opens this August.

We are so excited to see what God does in North Carolina.